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Japanese translation help

I am attempting to compose an email to a weekly apartment/hotel asking if it would be possible for me to mail packages to the apartments during my time of stay there. My Japanese is very poor and this is the best I can come up with:

WM へ




Will that get my point across in any way, shape or fashion. And, if not, can anyone tell me how I can fix it? (There are going to be several packages. I'm moving back to the States, but if I can just get things to Tokyo I have people who can carry them back for me from there) Or even tell me how to fix it even if it does get my point across. My Japanese is bad, and that may be the best I can do, but I recognize that the message up there is very, very messed up even if it IS understandable.

But, anyway. I'm trying to simply inquire if I can get packages sent to me at the weekly hotel during my time staying there. The part about my friends is simply because I cannot think of a better way to word it. Indeed, I'll probably actually be sending the packages to myself the day I leave my current home city for Tokyo.

Thank you in advance for any help.
Tags: japanese, translation request

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