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Two Pronounciation Questions

Hey everyone! I have two questions on English pronounciation. I'm an English major at university, and I have to take either British or American English Pronounciation this year; I went with British. The classes are rather ridiculous most of the time (we're just reading out limericks and weird dialogue), but I've made a few interesting discoveries, and wanted to ask you guys about them. When I mention those in class, I'll only refer to native speakers, but I'm interested in everyone's opinions. :) In your answers, please indicate whether you're a native speaker or not, and where you're from. Thank you!

A while ago, my teacher mentioned that the word with can be pronounced with a voiceless AND with a voiced th-sound. She said she hadn't been able to find out whether there was a regional difference or something like that, and my dictionary also gives both transcriptions. So, my first question is, how to you pronounce with?
a) /wɪð/ (with a th-sound like in this)
b) /wɪθ/ (with a th-sound like in throne)

eta: To clarify, I'm looking for answers from speakers of both American and British English.

Is there any way the word course, as in of course, for example, can be pronouced the same was as the word curse? My Pronounciation teacher (who is not a native speaker) does that all the time and it's really confusing.

Thanks a lot! :)
Tags: english, ipa

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