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Arabic Vowels

 I've been studying Arabic for just under a month now, and I'm having trouble with the vowel sounds. Everywhere I look says that there are three vowels (/a/, /i/, /u/) that are pronounced in either a short or long form. However, these rules never seem to be applied. The word أنا , "I," is transcribed as "ana" but I hear it being pronounced something along the lines of /'æ næ/ by native speakers instead of /'a: na:/. Similarly, I would expect the word for house, بيت , to be pronounced /baj:t/ or /bai:t/, but I hear it being pronounced /be:t/ instead.

I want my pronunciation to sound the best I can make it sound, so do you have any ideas for learning Arabic vowels? I'm okay with the consonants. On the same topic, do you know of any online Arabic-English dictionaries with the IPA transcription of the Arabic words?

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