Lord Arlen's wife (ladyanneboleyn) wrote in linguaphiles,
Lord Arlen's wife

Elvish on Facebook?

Can an expert on Tolkien's languages confirm or deny whether this is Quenya?

It popped up on one of my messages on Facebook. My Facebook is in Pirate English (hence "Spy yer last yarn") and where in standard English it would say "This thread has been branched from a previous thread," this appeared. My Quenya is extremely rusty, but it seems to mean basically the same thing in Quenya. It doesn't make much sense for a different language to appear in the midst of Pirate English, but it makes even less sense for that language to be something as obscure as Quenya! Could this be another language with similarities to Quenya, maybe Finnish or something? Google Translate says not but I keep thinking there has to be a more logical explanation.
Tags: elvish

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