Christian Velásquez Pañganiban (tisoi) wrote in linguaphiles,
Christian Velásquez Pañganiban

Let's play a game...

I'm on vacation and am rather bored.... It's been a while since I've done a game here. So here's another one, based on a quiz I saw in geographile a while back.

I compiled a list of names of languages in other languages.

You have to both of the following:
(1) Give the English name of the language.
(2) The language you're translating it from.

Example: 0. sfaradit
Correct answer: Spanish in Hebrew (or "Hebrew for Spanish" or something).

Now, this isn't an easy quiz, but I did stick mostly with national and major regional languages. Languages that are written in another script have been Romanized (standard or nonstandard).

The list is in the cut. I will update it as people get the right answers. Sometime next week, if no one's identified any of the languages correctly, I will post the key.


1. tudestg German in Romansh tortipede
2. qíqiēwǎyǔ Chichewa in Mandarin kyrasantae
3. Béarla English in Irish aislingeach
4. ʻŌlelo Pukikī Portuguese in Hawaiian limit_breaker
5. sueco Swedish in Spanish (or Portuguese, Galician...) dellaran
6. Kapon dungun Japanese in Mapudungun mrskyouya
7. Tiếng Nga Russian in Vietnamese limit_breaker
8. galleg French in Breton espreite
9. berdznuli Greek in Georgian spamsink
10. włoski Italian in Polish spamsink
11. Kinatsila Spanish in Cebuano rfk
12. Dáághahii bizaad French in Navajo limit_breaker
13. Bahasa Tionghoa Chinese in Indonesian dellaran
14. tahal's'ka Tagalog in Ukrainian spamskink
15. viro Estonian in Finnish mrskyouya
16. nizozemski Dutch in Croatian-Serbian/Slovene kapitankraut
17. Siniyya Chinese in Arabic dellaran
18. paasaa tamin Tamil in Thai aislingeach
19. Hon Man Korean in Cantonese hokshi_hoshi
20. örmény Armenian in Hungarian spamsink

Wow, you guys are good.. 4 1 more languages left!

Good job! Game over.
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