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Names based on months of the year

This post was inspired by a news article I read on the actress January Jones:

I commonly see women around named "April", "May", or "June", but hardly any named after any other months--is there any particular reason for this? Perhaps it's to do with the idea of Spring or something? Even months that were originally based on names of historical or mythological figures--August, July, January, March--don't really enjoy as much popularity as the above-mentioned three.

And to me, "May" sounds like a very old-fashioned name (and may not even be based on the month, as I tend to think of the spelling "Mae"), June sounds like a name for a woman in her mid-40s, and April is really the only one that sounds appropriate for someone under 30--does anyone else have that feeling?

Also, do other languages have similar names (i.e. names for people [men or women] based on names of months)?
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