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Song help.

The song is Dark Wings Dark Words by Hammerfall.

A graven image shattered
The meltdown of our wonderland
As the sun rise(d?) slowly
We try(tried?) to understand

A sacred hearth lost prosperity
But we found our way back home
From dusk came clarity

Heed the seven signs
When sun and moon unite
Fear the dark-winged messenger
Dread his darkened words

I don't understand several things here,and the Internet is no help,because the lyrics there are written by someone with even worse English than mine.The things are:
1:Darkened words? Does "darkened" have some other meaning than "made dark"?
2:The correct choise of tense where I put the brackets."Rised" can be heard clearly,but "rise" is an irregular verb! In the lyrics I found the two lines are written in the present tense, but the whole song-in the past.
You can listen to the song

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