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Spanish swearing help again, pretty please?

I've asked for help for swearing for my roleplaying character before, but there's a few specific phrases that I'd like Spanish swear words for, if possible

My roleplaying character is fluent in Spanish, and, well, I'm not. She's originally from Rochester, NY, and moved to NYC when she was 12, she's 16 now. Probably of Puerto Rican descent. She did not really grow up in a Spanish-speaking home (at least, not past age 4), but was probably exposed to Spanish by her peer-group, as a kid. Now, she's living on the streets, and has had a de facto guardian who's from the Midwest or the South (not sure which, but--farm boy turned Marine turned PTSD-afflicted homeless person), who tends to glare disapprovingly when she curses in English. (He started to glare at the Spanish, too, once he learned some, but by then he'd sort of given up on cleaning up her language) The setting is around 15 years in the future, so I can fudge some on term origins, but anything that's particularly obscure, or unique to a single dialect of Spanish other than New York or Puerto Rican, probably won't do.

While I wouldn't say no to more general swearing and bad language, I particularly want to have some phrases she's likely to use dealing with 1. the obnoxious, sexist, macho a**hole she'll have to work with, and 2. the scary, insane warrior woman she'll be taking lessons from.

For the phrase for dealing with 1, I'd like to have, essentially, 3 levels of politeness, depending on how annoyed at him she is. And, of course, bonus points for insults that denigrate his manliness. To get an idea of the kind of "levels" I want... if I were doing it in English, I'd probably have the pejorative for the first bit be something like "douche" or "dips***" for the relatively "neutral" level, "s***head" or "a**hole" for the middle level, and "c**ksucker", "mother-f***er", or "c**t" for the I'm-trying-to-piss-you-off level. (not that I'm positive, I almost never swear, so I don't have a good feel for the relative severity of some swearwords). Bonus points if the third level is a gross insult to his manhood.

The phrases I'd like dirty-word replacements for (just the swear words, the rest of the sentence will stay English) are:

1. in 3 levels of politeness/vehemence/insult, "Listen, [insert favorite pejorative here], I don't want to deal with your macho bulls*** right now. Go talk to someone who gives a s***.

2. In a respectful/admiring sense, "That b***h is crazy. You do *not* want to piss her off."

The goal is to have the sentence remain otherwise intelligible to monolingual English speakers, but with the rude bits in Spanish. But you can rephrase if you think there's a better/more natural way to say something.
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