Annie Jackson (anniejackson) wrote in linguaphiles,
Annie Jackson

Can you read Persian calligraphy?

On Monday I was at an Iranian friend's house in and a master calligrapher was there. He did my name and he also did a couple of words. I am trying to separate the words from my name and I asked my friend but she is still learning English and I had a hard time understanding exactly what dot went with which word.

The photo is below the cut, can someone use MSPaint to draw a circle around the two words for me? And if you feel up to it maybe explain the meanings a bit more...? I know they are Life and Love but everyone was trying to explain to me that they are "strong" words and mean more than that. I had asked for the words for "passion", "strength" and "life" and they indicated that these two words are the closest translation but I didn't quite understand why.

My email address is abegael dot annie @gmail dotcom

Thank you!


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