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"Ich" in German - how is it pronounced? [iʃ] [iç], [i] or [ik]?

 I'm a little confused as I've heard a lot of different pronunciations for 'ich'. I don't study German, but I occasionally listen to German music and talk to people about German, so I occasionally come across things like this. It came from a debate with my friend on how 'ich' is pronounced. She says that her grandfather says 'ich' (as in the second pronunciation up there), but I have always heard 'ish'. We didn't decide on whose pronunciation was right.

There is the first one (can't copy paste the IPA for some stupid reason), which is like 'ish'. This is the pronunciation I am accustomed to. I have usually heard this one.

There is the second one, 'ich'. A fricative near the back of the mouth. This is how my friend says it, and I have heard this elsewhere too.

I've heard that Austrians supposedly say [i] with no consonant at the end, and I do kind of hear it... but this isn't a standard pronunciation, is it?

There is also [ik], which according to Yahoo answers is how Berliners say it. I've never heard it, so now I'm even more confused.

if someone could clear up where all these different 'ich's are used, I'd be really grateful. :) Danke!
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