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More Greek queries

Hey everyone, I have a couple of Greek queries.

The first is cultural, rather than technical, as I already know possible correct words I can use.

I am writing to my Greek grandmother and I'm wondering whether I ought to start with my letter with

Γεια σου, γιαγιἀ or Γεια σας, γιαγιἀ

As I say, I know they're both correct possible forms of address for her but family circumstances and lack of knowledge of Greek culture mean I'm not sure which one to choose.
Basically, I recently met her for the first time in my life. She and my Ma haven't spoken to each other for about 30 years, as a result of conflict between them, so we're not close in that sense.
We got on fine, though we were only able to spend about an hour and a half together.

At any rate, I'm not sure whether to go with "she's family, use the informal form" or "she's older than me and is still, at this stage, in the process of going from stranger to grandmother status (I hope)".

Because of this, while I'm more than happy to hear from anyone who knows about the Greek language and culture, I'd be particularly interested in hearing from any actual Greeks we may have in the community because, as I say, it really is more of a cultural question. What would be the most normal thing to say in this situation?


My second question is related to the first but is a technical question.

I'm trying to work out the correct words to use for family, love, trust and acceptance.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

οικογἐνεια - I'm fairly confident about this for 'family' (but let me know if I'm wrong!)

αγἀπη - would this be the right 'love' to describe the love one has for one's family?

αποδοχἠ - again, thinking in terms of the acceptance one receives from one's family.

εμπιστοσὐνη - ditto for 'trust'.

So, basically, I'm thinking of these in terms of saying what I get from my family: love, acceptance and trust.

Any help gratefully accepted!
Thanks. :)
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