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Naming someone Japanese?...

For my roleplaying game again...

So. My GM wants me to give my character a Japanese name (likely given to her by her father, Raiden). I, er, pretty much know diddly squat about Japanese and/or Japanese names. I've looked at a few name sites, and kind of gone "Hey, look, words!" No idea what might be appropriate for Our Girl. (the game is Scion... you are the child of a god. Or, in my case, technically a titan, but he's working with the gods, so it's all good...)

She grew up with the name Kim Martin. She's half Japanese (or, technically, half oni... ) and half standard white-bread American. She was a stage magician and hacker before her father showed up and she had to become a Hero. She acquired a reputation as "the traitor" because of an incident where, for reasons that made sense to her at the time, she collected a lot of information about her band and put it somewhere such that it was later discovered by the bad guys. She later redeemed herself, at least partially, but it didn't help that she also had, at least by Japanese standards, no sense of decorum or respect. She's also... very much not a fighter. She's never been entirely thrilled with the whole "goddess" thing, either.

Eventually, she becomes a demigoddess, then a goddess, very heavily focused on the internet and computers. In fact, she creates a race of self-aware AIs, and lives in a Terra (that is, a semi-alternate plane) that is located in the internet. It's fairly likely she won't actually *use* the name she's given, at least not very much, instead just going by Kim, or possibly Kim-san, but the GM says she needs to *have* one.

The examples given in the book of names given to Japanese gods (that is, former scions) are: Gimui Kuromizuhime, or the Dutiful Princess of Black Water (originally Yukiko Kuromizu), and Anaboko Yami, or the “hollow darkness” (originally Kane Taoka).

So, given everything I just rambled about, any suggestions for a name for her? Giving me the kanji won't help much, but it'd be lovely to have the transliteration and the translation, as with the examples from the book...

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