Trible (tamtrible) wrote in linguaphiles,

Speaking like a New Yorker

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time: maybe 15 years from now. searches: New York slang, New York lingo
Vaguely likely sites I found: this and this

My (roleplaying) character is a 16-year-old homeless Hispanic girl. She was born in Rochester, and moved to NYC when she was 12. And, well, I'm in my 30s and from Arizona.

The GM wants me to have a list of relevant slang terminology (to go with the list of Spanish swear words I already asked for help with earlier)--things likely to come up in casual conversation. I don't know if either of the above sites actually resembles, you know, how actual New Yorkers speak, or what. So I'd love to have either a site you consider reliable, or your own New York-isms.

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