Juliet Capulet (euphoric1dr) wrote in linguaphiles,
Juliet Capulet

literacy development in Chinese

Hi all,

thanks so much for your feedback/comments re: my last post, on continuing with Chinese learning.

I'll be leaving in about a month, from Taiwan back to the US - and I think I'll be taking a job in California, so I hope that would help me stay immersed in the Chinese culture and community that is present in this state (I guess that would still depend on the city as well, though.)

My main concern is, I definitely DON'T want to go back to school, to earn any extra degrees in linguistics or Chinese literature. But, i DO still want to keep learning Chinese, to read and write, solely for my own sake and personal goal. I just hope that this goal would not necessitate going through academia. With constant practice and study, as part of my daily schedule, I'd like to think it's possible - even enrolling in classes, would this help?

It seems like classes in the US, what I've heard from others anyway - the students emerge being able to read and write, better than they can speak - and that would be fine with me, as right now my main goal is to advance my reading/writing abilities.

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