gr_cl (gr_cl) wrote in linguaphiles,

It is necessary to raise the larynx to roll an "R"?

Recently, after decades of attempts, I have finally succeeded in rolling my "R"s (i.e. alveolar trills, as in Spanish and Italian).  However, I have to raise my larynx considerably to accomplish this.  I'm a man, and if I touch my Adam's apple while I do my trill/roll, I feel it raising considerably -- more so than for any other sound I make.  For comparison, I would say I raise my Adam's apple/larynx almost twice as much for an alveolar trill as for a uvular trill (A French/German style R), and about four times as much as to make the /g/ sound in the English word "gun".  Right now I can't make an alveolar trill without raising my larynx like this.

I have a reasonably long tongue (I can touch the tip of my tongue to the hairy skin above my upper lip fairly easily).  I would like to ask other people who are good at producing rolled Rs whether they also have to raise their larynx to make the sound.  I suspect the answer is "no" and that I have further years of practice ahead, but I want to check :)

Thanks -- This is my first Linguaphile post!

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