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Help translating and identifying languages

(I'm not entirely sure if this is ok legal-wise, I figured it would be alright since I'm not really giving out any of the actual music, just the language bits. If it's not ok, let me know and I'll take it down!)

On the album On This Perfect Day by Guilt Machine (Arjen Anthony Lucassen), 19 short audio messages in various languages have been included. I've been trying to figure out what the languages are, but there are a fair few I'm clueless about. If my guesses are incorrect, do let me know, and if you can translate any of them that's even better :)

(They're all .mp3 files, if there's an easier way to link to them I don't know how :p)

1 - ?

2 - German. When [something] for a long time (?), then [something] the eyes of the devil.

3 - ?

4 - Chinese?

5 - French. Something something black sun?

6 - Swedish. I should get this, but some parts are unclear. [something (people?)] say it's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved. But [something (they?)] have never loved.

7 - Japanese. Is the prosody a bit odd here, or is it me? I don't actually speak Japanese, so I don't know :p

8 - Spanish.

9 - ?

10 - ?

11 - English. Guilt and regret [something]. I can't make out the last part.

12 - ?

13 - Danish. Again something I should get, but... :p Guilt. [something] It destroys me. [something].

14 - ?

15 - Norwegian. One life, one chance. Not more.

16 - Russian?

17 - ?

18 - ?

19 - Italian? At least I get: Thanks. Have a good day. :p

Any help is much appreciated!

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