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Mene / Moonplanet

Hindustani books

I got six books which are probably Hindustani (I cannot read it).
At the back of the books is some publisher's info in Chinese. I can read that a bit, so I'll type what I can below, but my question is:
I want to enter this books into Librarything, but because I cannot read nor type Hindustani and the books don't have ISBN, so I cannot add them now.
Is there anyone who has the time to type the titles for me? You can find the cover pictures behind the links. Thanks :)

All books:
-人民教育出版社・・・・・(can't read the last five characters)

book 0:
-published in 1986
-88-H-256P (is this a kind of ISBN?)

book 1:
-published in 1984

book 2:
-published in 1984
-阿宝 (original title?)

book 3:
-published in 1984

book 4:
-published in 1984

book 5:
-published in 1984
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