deleonjh (deleonjh) wrote in linguaphiles,

Swiss addresses and phone books

Hello linguaphiles, I have a question about how Swiss addresses are constituted and how they're presented in Swiss phone books.

You see, I've fallen out of touch with a Swiss friend of mine and I thought I'd surprise her by sending her a letter (yes, I could email but I think she'd get a kick out of getting a real letter in this day and age). Since it's supposed to be a surprise, I simply looked up her address in a Swiss phone book online. However, I know addresses in Canadian phone books are incomplete and don't include the postal code; do Swiss addresses have a similar mechanism? Could I simply write the address I found and be assured she will get the letter? This inquiring mind would like to know.

Oh, and I just moved and don't have Internet yet so please don't be put out if I don't answer promptly. Yes, this is how I amuse myself on rainy Sunday afternoons with only sporadic Internet access from the neighbour's wireless.

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