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English check

I was wondering if native English speakers could help me by checking this short composition I made about immigration.


Immigration problems in Greece

Southern European countries are considered by migrants mainly as a “gate” and not as a final destination. Greece is perharps the southern European country most targeted by immigrants. Spain, Italy and Malta have also been hit by an influx of immigrants but Greece and its islands are seen as Europe's easiest and nearest door.

It is estimated that around 150.000 migrants illegally entered the country last year. Because of the huge number of migrants trying to make it to its borders, Greece has having serious problems in handling the matter of immigration. In 2008 the UN strongly criticised the greek asylum policies. A 121-page report by Human Rights Watch showed how Greek Coast Guard officials “illegally” pushed migrants out of Greek territorial waters, by destroyng their rickety boats and so on. The report also documented other kinds of abuses on migrants, including detaining them in inhuman and degrading conditions. "Until Greece cleans up its act, EU states shouldn't send asylum seekers back there." said Bill Frelick, refugee policy director at Human Rights Watch and author of the report.
In fact, the burden of immigration weighs almost exclusively on the shoulders of countries like Greece, Italy and Spain, since the European asylum system, governed by the so-called Dublin II reagulations, generally states that the state of first entry is the only responsible for examining asylum claims.

Nowadays, due to the worsening of the Greek financial crisis, the situation is getting even worse. In September 2009 hundreds of migrants demonstrated against "inhuman conditions" in a detention camp on Mytilene, the capital of Lesbos, and there seems to be no feasible way out of the problem for southern European countries as long as northern European countries (which are the main target of immigration) do not accept to share this burden.


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