biritululo (biritululo) wrote in linguaphiles,

I'm currently studying Arabic as part of my undergrad degree.  I only need three semesters of it and I'm halfway through the first.  I like the language, but the class is absolutely terrible.  Over half of the class dropped it and the only people left are those in similar programs to mine (who only need the three semesters) or they speak Arabic at home and need the gen ed credits.  I'm debating dropping Arabic from my program and picking up something like Russian or Japanese instead.  We move far too quickly through the material and the teacher doesn't really explain things (he just tells us to read the textbook) and when we ask what we need to learn for quizzes, he just says things like "study until you feel done." 

Has anyone had a similar experience with a language class?  If so, what did you do about it?  I don't have the five hours per night that I seem to need to study for this class and I don't want to have to drop Arabic all together, but I can't balance that and my other classes well at all.
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