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A little bit ago, I asked if it would be all right to start a list of Music Recs that could be bookmarked, added on, and referred to others, so that there wasn't repetition, but everyone would have a fair chance in finding good artists to hear the language with. Now, dear linguaphiles, I've seen a great deal of repetition on online sources that are useful to learners and I'm sure you all are tired of typing the same ones over and over - hence a new rec list.

Websites to learn, immerse and practice with~

ICDL: International Children's Digital Library
Smart.fm (Study tool)
Anki (Free download virtual flashcards, don't require an internet connection)
Omniglot (alphabets, resource)
Language Exchange Community

Drama Crazy (subs/raw, movies/dramas)

Vie de merde (FMyLife, French equivilant)

Union der Helden (webcomic, also available in English)

Hindibhasha (How to write and pronounce Devanagari script, easy to understand)
Movie Khoj (Bollwood films, can sort for English subs, other related languages available but no subs)

Vita di mierda (FMyLife, Italian equivilant)

All Japanese All The Time (Link Directs to a "Dick and Jane")
Mameshiba (Animation shorts)
Japanippon (Easy to understand)
My Playlist❤だいたい和訳 (Japanese Translations to English Songs - a blog)
Drama Crazy (subs/raw, movies/dramas, also has Anime Crazy as a sister site)
Youtube: Marii26 (Disney in Japanese, with subtitles in Kanji, romanization, AND English)

Drama Crazy (subs/raw, movies/dramas)

xkcd (Webcomic)
PVDM: Tus historias de la vida diaria (FMyLife Spanish Equivalent)
Vagos (English shows in Spanish... i think)
Cody's Cuentos (Classic children's fairytales... in Spanish)
El Tiempo Latino (Newspaper)
Spanish Only (Incredibly useful newsletter)
Spanish Dict (VIdeos, Spanish word a day)

TV6 (Swedish television station)
SVT (")
FFML: Fan för mitt liv (FMyLife, Swedish equivalent)

The Divine Language (From The Fifth Element)
Lernu: Esperanto (Extremely comprehensive)
13 (14) Alien Languages You Can Actually Read (Like from Futurama and SG, just for the geeks)

And... just for fun:
6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World
14 Horrifying Soft Drinks Around the World
Ridiculous Overseas Rip-Offs of "American" Films (the list includes a Chinese HP, which isn't American obviously, hence quotations)

Aren't words just awesome?

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to have found all of these wonderful websites. I've picked them up along my journeys in this community.
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