Paul Baptist (kaji_sensei) wrote in linguaphiles,
Paul Baptist

Having particle troubles in Japanese?

Forgot about this when I was pulling together Japanese resources for my reply to the language survey earlier. Saw this come through the SenseiOnline mailing list a while back; basically, the University of Kyoto did a bit of corpus work and sorted out what nouns were used with what verbs, and what particles were used with said nouns. The search is for verbs by default, however if you check the first box under the search field, you can reverse the search and it'll search for a noun (or category thereof, e.g. 人) and bring up all verbs where it hits upon relevant results, and tell you which particle was used with it. Only downside to it is that it's Japanese-only, so some of it may be hard to figure out at first.

Have fun!

(cross-posting to Japanese)

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