Kit (noir_keller) wrote in linguaphiles,

Language Questionnaire

This is just a small questionnaire I made because I'm interested to see people's answers, and there seems to be a wide variety of people of all sorts of languages on this community c: So if anyone would like to fill this out, feel free(^^)

1. What is your native language? (and is it the majority language where you live right now?)

2. Now tell me about your native language and why you like/dislike it.

3. What other languages are you learning/would like to learn/are fluent in?

4. Choose one of the languages from number 3 (it can't be English, for obvious reasons).

5. Why do you like this language?

6. Give a word you like in this language (along with a translation).

7. How long have you been learning this language?

8. Type something random in this language (it's okay to use google translator, it makes funny sentences.)

9. How advanced would you say you are with this language?

10. What do you find most difficult about this language?

11. The most easy/interesting?

12. How often are you able to use this language?

13. When watching a film in this language, do you have to put on subtitles in that language to understand, put on subtitles in your native language, or do you not need subtitles at all?


1. What language is your internet browser currently in?

2. What language do you primarily set for websites (such as livejournal, youtube, where you can choose your language).

3. What language is your iTunes and/or iPod (mp3 player/iPod touch/etc) in?

4. What language do you use at home with your parents/relatives?

5. What language do you use at school/outside your home?

6. If living in an area where your native language is the majority, do you and your friends ever talk in a language besides your native one?

7. How often do you use your native language on primarily English-speaking sites like Deviantart ( (if English is your native language, then how often do you use a language you are learning/fluent in?)

8. Do you ever feel as though you're “losing” your native language?

9. How often do you read books in another language?

10. Do you ever put on foreign-language audio or subtitles when watching a film in your native language?

11. How many different keyboards are installed on your computer? What languages/keyboards are they? (ameliorate23 mentioned that, I like this question ^^)

12. Anything else to add?
Tags: surveys/quizzes

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