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Best Books...

I'm looking for good books for learning certain languages.

I have the Genki set, for Japanese, and I love the way it's done.
From what I've read around, Genki is one of the best books for learning Japanese.

So, what would be the best books / courses (to include audio) for the following languages:

Old and Modern Tibetan
Modern Greek

I can't go to language classes or get out and chat to people in the languages easily.
I can email my Dad and chat to him on the phone, and he speaks Thai fluently.
I can chat to a Norwegian friend on the net.
My parents live in Greece, but don't actually speak too much Greek.

Tibetan... well most of my Tibetan is in my prayers and the Sutras... so that's pretty archaic.

Mandarin, my Dad speaks a little, but that's it.

I can't get out of the house much to find people who speak these languages locally either.

I'm learning Japanese from Genki, and I really want to learn some Thai quickly so I can email my Dad in Thai, it would really please him.

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