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Again French...

Hey guys!

I'm sorry, I know I just posted some days ago but it turns out that my question goes deeper than I thought.

So, take the sentence:
'When did the boy say he hurt himself?'

In English, this sentence is kind of ambiguous because it could refer either
- to the point in time of the hurting, e.g. when he fell
- to the point in time of the saying, e.g. when he talked to his mom

How about French? Is there a way to express these two meanings with one single sentence or would it be 2 different sentences?
(I'm thinking along the lines of "Quand est-ce que le garçon disait qu'il s'a brisé?" but I wouldn't even know how to capture the point of the falling without changing the word order radically)

Also, what about:
- 'Who did he ask to help?' (i.e. the person he asked vs. the person he wanted to help)
- 'Who did he ask how to punch?' (i.e. the person he asked vs. the person he wanted to punch and asked how to do that)
Can you make a sentence in French that is ambiguous in that it captures both meanings?

Thanks a lot!

PS: If you've done the study I posted a couple of weeks ago, yes, this is related to this and I will post the (very interesting) results I got soon. I just seem to be unable to find references on French wh-movement.
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