Frank (thesparque) wrote in linguaphiles,

Another Japanese question... again, I can read kanji and kana, I just can't type them on this computer.

What is the difference in how the following two example statements are made:
1.) I am going to Japan in one week.
2.) I am going to Japan for one week.

Nihon e isshukan ni ikimasu is equivalent to number 1, correct me if I'm wrong? It refers to an interval of time that will pass before I go to Japan.

So if I want to say that I am going to Japan and will be there for one week, how do I state that? I can't even venture a guess because ni is the only particle for me that makes sense there - I feel like I'm probably missing something. Is there even a way to say "I am going for one week" without having to use a different verb, like tomaru perhaps(nihon ni isshukan ni tomarimasu)?

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Tags: japanese, time

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