vaikuntha (vaikuntha) wrote in linguaphiles,

Rare Article Request

- Pls. delete if inappropriate -

I hope I'll get a response here. :-)

I'm researching a dying dialect, Sri Lankan Tamil, in Malaysia. I've got good materials so far, but I'm desperately searching for these 2 articles:

1. Some features of Ceylon Tamil. Kamil Zvelebil. Indo-Iranian Journal. Volume 9, Number 2 / june 1966.

2. Note on Old Tamil and Jaffna Tamil. F. B. J. Kuiper. Indo-Iranian Journal. Volume 6, Number 1 / march 1962.

They are on Springer Link. I have access to Springer Link via my university, but these journals are not subscribed.

I'd be VERY THANKFUL if anyone has access to these articles and can send them to me.

If you can help me, pls. leave a message here and I'll contact you.

Thanks a lot!

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