Philip Newton (pne) wrote in linguaphiles,
Philip Newton

German "template" for vowel sounds?

I'm looking for a "template" that will exemplify as many German phonemic vowels (including diphthongs) as possible.

In English, for example, b-t and h-d are both pretty productive ("bat, bet, bit, bot, but, bate, beet, bite, boat, etc.; had, head, hid, etc.") even if neither is complete unless you allow some questionably nouns.

Does anyone know of anything similar for German?

The best thing I could think of off the top of my head is b-ten, which gives:

bieten - bitten - *büten - Bütten - (einen Computer) booten - *Butten; beten - betten - böten - *Bötten - boten - *Botten; bäten - baten - *Batten; *beiten/baiten - bauten - *beuten/bäuten

(offer - ask - *büten - vats - boot (a computer) - *Butten; pray - bed - (they) would offer - *Bötten - (they) offered - *Botten; (they) would as - (they) asked - *Batten; *beiten - (they) built - *beuten)

I marked forms which don't form words that I know with an asterisk. (Though I think "Botten" is a colloquial word for shoes or boots. Might be regional. And says that there's a word "Beute" that means "Bienenkasten" ("bee-box; box-shaped beehive") which has a plural "Beuten"; I've never heard of it. This page has, though, and also offers the alternative meaning "baking trough".)

I wonder whether there's a "better" template, that will produce more "real words" with the set of vowel/diphthong phonemes?

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