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Greece help?

Kind of a translation request, kind of a request for info.

In the UK we have an antiinflammatory called Diclofenac, which has a brand name Voltarol.
They also produce Voltarol gel, which is an antiinflammatory gel that you can put on your joints.

My parents live in Crete and medicine names have gone completely out of the window as they're totally different from in the UK, so my Mum has had no success finding this gel.

Does anyone know if this gel even exists in Greece, and what it's called?
Also, I need to know if it's available over the counter there, because if it is, and they just can't get hold of it where they are, I could send them some from the UK. If it's not available over the counter and is prescription-only, obviously I couldn't send them some.

I know it's not strictly linguistic, though we do need to know the name in Greek, but I looked for a Greek comm and they're all Russian!

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