Alan Lamb (eridian_tea) wrote in linguaphiles,
Alan Lamb

Translation question - German

For a story I'm working on, I need a word or short phrase in German that would roughly approximate to something like "let go" or "hands off". I'm asking here instead of going to a dictionary because it's important that it would be something very natural for a German speaker to use - i.e. something that you might say instinctively if you were startled.

The setting is a vaguely '20s era steampunk mishmash, so while it's not all that important to be period-accurate I'd prefer something not too slangy or modern. The meaning isn't very important; I'd like it to be closer to the connotations of the above, but anything related to the idea of "stop touching me" works. The important thing is to get a word/phrase that's short and sounds natural, as it's probably going to show up in a couple of places.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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