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english question

In the middle of chatting, my chat-partner went out and wrote: 'And it's not like you're sat betaing my chat messages'. {emphasis mine}

Now, this isn't an expression I've heard yet ever, the 'you're sat' -- and if I have, it was possibly used by my South African teacher. I think it means something like 'it's not like you're stuck doing X', only with the 'sit' lexeme. {be-verb + past participle + nominalised verb}

Where is this expression {both pattern and specifically 'sat'} common? Are there dialects where either the pattern or the example above are unaccepted?

The person who wrote the sentence grew up in England, and is currently living in Wales.

ETA: Neither 'betaing' not 'you're sat' are typos!

Tags: dialects, english, grammar, idiolects

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