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Need help with japanese lyrics

Hi! First time poster here.

I'm one half of the (greek) developer team of a DDR-type game, over at

We're going for a multi-cultural and multi-genre art direction, and therefore, apart from the mandatory turkish and greek elements, I've composed a run-of-the-mill anime j-pop tune for the puppet to dance to. I need help with the lyrics.

Since I do not speak japanese, I wrote the lyrics using google translate (I see you cringe). My goal was to achieve what sounded like good rhythm and a correct number of syllables. This, naturally, means that I have no clue whether it's proper japanese, and if happens to be, whether it's too formal for j-pop (as languages tend to get when one uses the dictionary). I dread to think that the lyrics (or their aesthetic value) might be offensive. I'm submitting the lyrics here, hoping someone can help in that direction. I also think that google translate went out of its way to avoid English words such as those typical gimmicky phrases used in j-pop for emphasis.

That said, I'm not averse to the lyrics maintaining some of the silliness of automatic translation, that native japanese speakers could pick up on and make fun of.  I just don't want any crude and offensive mistakes (ελληνιστί: "καμιά χοντρή πατάτα") creeping in. Can you help?

Thanks in advance. Lyrics follow.

anata ga tanoshii jikan wo sugosu  <- have a good time
kage no ningyo wa, karagioz <-shadow puppet you karagioz
ongaku wa , yoi tomodachi ni kanjiru !  <- feel the music and be good friends
tsuneni yoi jikan  <- always a good time
watashi nishitagatte  <- Follow me 
no oto wo kanjiru te mi masho u .  <- let's feel the beat
subete no utagai wo sute te <- Throw away every doubt!
tsuneni sukui no te .  <- always a helping hand.

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