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Music Recs~

Might we build a list of music recommendations for language learners needing to tune their ear? (Or is this considered against the rules?) I might also be a good idea if it were bookmarked and we can direct all queries to this post. And I can edit the post so that all suggestions are kept in the entry, and more readable.

And we could also do the same for website recommendations for certain languages, but on a separate post.

Ideas? Suggestions?
Here we go! ((Purely for room, I'm going to cut down extra information. Simply use CTRL+F and you can find the rest of the information, if there is more supplied :D)
**Disney songs are usually good to listen to because you know the content and pick up vocabulary and they're popular enough to have reached most languages. Please comment on whether there are some that are not as good, though, just in case! And be aware of dialects - For example, there is a difference between Toy Story's "Tu es  Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel" and "Hay Un Amigo En Mi" ;)

**Eurovision has participants from all over Europe, and while it's becoming more and more a trend to sing in English, you can probably find a good number of songs within the semi-finals. For example,within Sweden to find their participant it's called "melodifestivalen" - searching that can find you a number of songs and you can even buy the CD of who made it into the semi-finals and finals and such.

-Sami Yusuf  - "Supplication," "Mu'Allim"
-Najwa Karam (Lebanon)*
-Amr Diab (Egypt)
-Samira Said (Morocco/Egypt)
-Khaled (Algeria)
-Rachid Tala
-Rim Banna (Palestine)
-Amal Murkus (Palestine)
-DJ Cheb i Sabbeh (Algeria)
-Cheb Mami (Algeria)
-Nass El Ghiwane (Morocco)
-Gnawa Diffussion (Algeria, also sings in Tamazight, French and English)
-Nancy Ajram (Lebanese, also sings in Egyptian)
-Fadl Shaker (Lebanese)
-Yara (Lebanese, also in a Khaleeji dialect)
-Elissa (Lebanese)
-Myriam Fares (Lebanese)


-Wang Lee Hom (Mandarin)

-Jackie Chan
-Cherry Boom - "I Wanna Rock", "Secret Garden"
-Andy Lau - "Everyone is No. 1"
-Fahrenheit - "Superb"
-Jie Jun Lin - "ShaShou" (Cantonese)
-Vitas Liu (Please scroll to comments to see the Chinese reading of the name)
-Mayday (Please scroll to comments to see the Chinese reading of the name)

(For Teaching)
-"Umbrella" by Rihanna (for weather)
-"Friday I'm in Love" by the Cure (days of the week)
-Many Beatles songs, like "Hello Goodbye" and "Yesterday".

-Arash - "Boro Boro"

-Nightwish -  "Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan"
-Loituma - "Ievan Polkka"
-Ezkimo - "Bla, Bla, Bla," "Sa Katosit Yohon," "Ilman Sua"
-Anna Ericsson - "Lintu," "Kaikista Kasvoista"
-Lord Est -"Hella Ori"
-Mariska - "Miksi Rakkaus," "A.N.T.E.E.X.I"
-Tiktak - "Paha Sana"
-Ari Koivunen - "Hetki Lyö"
-Hedningarna - (Swedish band, but albums Kaksi!, Trä and Karelia Visa have a lot of Finnish content)
-Sanna Kurki-Suonio (The album Musta)
-Tarja Turunen - "Kuin Hekays Ikuisuutta", "Varpunen Joulaamuna", "Jo Joutuu Itla", "Marian Poika"
-Antti Tuisku
-Indica - "Nukkuu Kedolla", "Varo", "Rannalla"
-Kapasiteettiysikkö - "Susjengi"

- Claude François - (Genre: American Oldies) Specific Songs:  "Cette Année-Là" (tune of "Oh, What a Night"), "Stop au Nom de l'Amour" ("Stop in the Name of Love"), "C'est la même chanson" ("It's the Same Old Song) and "Comme d'Habitude" (the original source of the tune "My Way").
- Carla Bruni - Good enuciation, clever lyrics. Try: "Le Toi du moi."
-Charles Trenet  - (classic "chanson française")
-Joe Dassin - (classic "chanson française")
-Francis Cabrel - (classic "chanson française")
- Coeur de Pirate, a Québécoise pop singer-songwriter
-Ilona Mitrecey (pop) Try: "Un Monde Parfait" and "Âllo Âllo"
-SMASH!! - "Belle"
-Notre Dame De Paris musical - Repetition, easy to understand
-David Gilmour - "Je Crois Entendre Encore"
-Jacques Villeneuve
-MC Solaar - "Solaar Pleure", "Hasta La Vista Mi Amor"

-Tokio Hotel (they're very clear, even if you dislike the music)
-Die Prinzen
-Die Arzte
-Nevada Tan - "Revolution"
-Alex C. - "Euphorie", "So Geil So", "Sex An Den bar"
-Die Fantastischen Vier - "Ernten Was Wir Sean"
-Fettes Brot
-Lafee - "Heul Doch", Kuss Mich", "Beweg dein Arsch"
-Oomph! - "Augen Auf"

-Subliminal - "Tikva"
-Ofra Haza
-Achinoam Nini/Noa

-Watch a Bollywood Movie
- "Desi Girl" (from Dostana)
-Khud  Bhi Naachoongi (from Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi)
-If you have Hulu available to you, look up Destination: Bollywood

-Daniele Silvestri
-Articolo 31 - "Domani Smetto," "Cosi e Cosa," "Corri," "Nato Sbagliato,"
-Gemelli Diversi - "Mary," "Attimo Ancora"
-Tony Maiello - "Fidati di Me" (and the rest on that same album)
-Josh Groban
- (Note: not all of his songs are Italian!)
-NEK - "La Vita E"
-Frankie  Hi-Nrg Mc (hiphop)
-Piuma  (hiphop)
-Fabbro (hiphop)

-L'Arc en Ciel - "Daybreak's Bell"
-Tohoshinki - "Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou"
-Utada Hikaru -"Boku wa Kuma"(scroll down for subbed video)
-Morning Musume
-Nana Kitade
-Anna Tsuchiya
-Ayumi Hamasaki - "M", "Moments", "Monochrome",  Rule"
-D - "Birth"

-Lee Hyori
-2PM (2AM?)
-Chi Yeol
-Epik High

-Enya - "Tempus Vernum"

-Lillebjørn Nilsen (folk music, clear Oslo dialect)
-Dumdum Boys (rock, clear Eastern Norwegian, often wordplay in lyrics)
-Raga Rockers (rock, clear Oslo dialect, often wordplay in lyrics)
-Bjørn Eidsvåg (pop, clear Western Norwegian)
-Postgirobygget (pop, clear standard Eastern Norwegian)


-O-Zone - "Dragostea din Tei" (also known as "The Numa Numa Song"), "Despre Tine"

-Dead poets
*Scroll to comments to see the Russian form. I can't copy and paste the characters for some reason.

-Mari Boine


-Shakira - "Ojos Asi", "Suerte"
-Los de Adentro
-Sin Bandera - "Vivir sin Aire"
-Violadores del verso

-Basshunter - "Dota", "Boten Ana", "Patrik och Lillien"
-Ebba Grön
-Joakim Thåström
-Lasse Lindh
-Magnus Uggla - "Visa"
-Erik og Kriss
-Benny Anderssons Orkester - "Du är min man")
-Musical: "Kristina från Duvemåla", "Chess"
-Caramell - "Carmelldansen"
-Gyllene Tider - "Sommartider"
*Check the Wiki pages: "List of Swedes in Music", "Swedish Popular Music", and "Swedish Musical Groups"

-Kuzu Kuzu
-Bu Gece

-Charlotte Church - "Three Welsh Bird Songs"

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