Meriel (driftmadly) wrote in linguaphiles,

"have off"

So while trying to fall asleep last night, of course I had random bits running through my head and this one seemed interesting.

"What days do you have off next week?"
"I have off Monday and Tuesday." / "I have Monday and Tuesday off." (both OK, with a tendency toward the first in casual conversation)

"How many days do you have off next week?"
**"I have off 2 days next week." / "I have 2 days off next week." (second one only)

"What months do you have off for summer vacation?"
"I have off June, July, and August." / "I have June, July, and August off." (both OK, as with first example)

"How many months do you have off this summer?"
**"I have off 3 months this summer." / "I have 3 months off this summer." (second one only)

I have a tendency not to separate "have" and "off" when the names of days or months are used, but when numbers/quantity are used in the response, my initial reaction is that they must be separated. So in the first and third examples, both answers are OK to me, whereas in the second and fourth examples, the first seem... not "wrong," but awkward.

So I guess my question is, do you agree with my judgment? I'm not asking about prescriptive correctness, just usage: what "feels right." FWIW, I'm a native American English speaker, West Virginia raised, living in Philadelphia.

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