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Please help my character swear?

I have a roleplaying character that I will be playing (a while from now) who is fluent in Spanish, and also knows some Mandarin, Russian and Italian (specifically, whatever type/variant one would pick up in New York, first as a young child in Rochester with a bilingual parent, and then on the streets of New York City...), and who swears like a sailor. I... speak a little German, and about 5 words of Spanish, and I don't even swear much in *English*... For the most part, I'll say "[blah blah blah], she said in Spanish", but she's likely to slip swear words in those other languages into otherwise English sentences, so I'd like to know some of those.

Apparently, most of the Hispanics in and near New York are Puerto Rican, so Puerto Rican Spanish would be the most appropriate, if you're taking something from another culture base (or if the word's in Russian, Mandarin, or Italian), please let me know. The timeframe for the game is, well, 15 or so years from now, so I have some leeway.

So. What would be absolutely *lovely* would be, for whatever words you care to give me:
The word
How to pronounce it (if it's not obvious--and I do know the basics of Spanish-y pronunciation, I live in Arizona, so I can pronounce stuff like tortilla or Gila properly)
Some idea of "severity" (I'll give you a scale, or you can use your own or compare it to English words)
The approximate literal translation, and/or roughly what is meant by it
How one might sensibly use it in an otherwise English sentence.

After I give the scale, I'll give an example in German.

Numerical scale (ymmv on the examples, consider them an approximation)
1. Not really a bad word--"Drat", "Shoot"
2. Pretty mild bad word--"Damn", "Douchebag"
3. Moderate bad word--"S**t", "A**hole"
4. Fairly bad word--"F**k", "C**t"
5. Wash-your-mouth-out--"Motherf***er", "C**ksucker"
6. Sailors would blush--no examples, I don't know any... (would probably involve long, complicated phrases implying that the subject performs humiliating sexual acts that are physically unlikely, and so on...)

The example
about a 2
Pig-dog, used as rough equivalent of "bastard"
"Don't you give me any excuses about where you were, you Schweinhund!" (the last "you" is optional)

Extra special bonus points and virtual brownies if you give me things especially appropriate for:

Telling off or insulting the manliness of the smug, overbearing, macho a**hole she'll be needing to deal with

Clever/well meaning/friendly insults towards my character's father, Coyote (yes, the mythical figure, the game is Scion, we're the children of gods) (for those who don't know, if there are any, Coyote is a trickster, thief, and all-round pain in the ass)

Relatively respectful terms for the scary warrior-woman who will be teaching her (fer example, in English I might have her say "You do *not* want to cross that b**ch.")

Terms she might use to indicate that something is really, really, really cool. (fer example, in English, I might have her say "This f***'in' rocks!"

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