Circéus (six_crazy_guys) wrote in linguaphiles,

Greek and other ancient languages

I'm a linguistics geek, and if I can't answer a question, at least I know here to ask (That's you people :P).

So anyway, a friend of mine wanted so cryptic language that would amount ro "architect of your own destruction" for a RP campain. I knew Latin was not much of an option unless I could find suitably obscure words, however a bit of research brought up a fragment from 2 Peter (2:1) that would word: "επαγοντες εαυτοις απωλειαν" (epagonted heautois apoleian). If I'm not mistaken, Ancient Greek usually uses the past participle as an agent noun, and "εαυτοις" is the same in all three persons of the plural (IIRC), so this could reasonably be constructed as "bringers of your/their own destruction", right?

I nonetheless noted that if it was Latin and Greek, his players would definitely be able to google a translation, especially with a transliteration, so I'm looking for a Sanskrit equivalent (or equivalents), but this is WAY out of my league. Any help?
Tags: ancient greek, howdoyousay, sanskrit

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