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Good-sounding words in Arabic

Hello all!

I'm learning Arabic and I have to write an essay for next week. I have been "collecting" nice-sounding words in Arabic for a while and I want to use all them in the text. These words are particular because they are made up by repeting the same syllable twice. I would like to know more words like these. I'll give you some examples:

تمتم (tamtama) mutter
سمسم (simsim) sesame
بلبل (bulbul) a kind of bird which I don't know the name in English
بلبل (balbala) to annoy
جرجر (jarjara) to drag
نعنع (n3n3) mint
لؤلؤ (lu2lu2) pearl
كسكس (kouskous) kouskous :)
سلسل (salsala) to chain
وشوش (washwasha) to whisper
هسهس (hashasa) to swish
مشمش (mishmish) apricot

Do you know any more words like these?

شكرا جزيلا
Moltes gràcies! (that's in my mother tongue :D)

Pau Moreno
PS: Ah, I'm not completely sure about the meaning of the words I wrote... is there any error? Thanks!
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