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Hullo all!

I'm a native English speaker learning Spanish in school. I'm in a Spanish IV class and next year I'm taking Spanish V. This summer I'm taking active tutoring with my aunt where we practice Spanish, but I really want to improve my reading and writing schools until then. Not just because I want to pass my tests (which is a definite bonus), but I want to actually utilise the language in a conversational manner. I'd prefer a native speaker that isn't TOO much older than me (I'm 17, if you think you're far too old, then you probably are -- I have a sister who is 26 though, if that's any indication for an age ~group~ which I'd feel most comfortable.) Anyway, I feel that unless I'm actively using the personal "A", I won't be able to use it confidently and without thinking about it... Just repeating "DIRECT OBJECTS, PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO" isn't really helping, as I still need to stop for a second and go, 'after a verb, it's a person... okay...'

I don't mind where we'd be writing. E-mail would be preferable, as I want to do longer banters, but I also have AIM and MSN (I never sign on). Really, whatever floats your boat... Just give me a brief introduction about yourself if you're interested though.

(If you're a native Spanish speaker learning English, I wouldn't even mind doing an English-Spanish penpal thing, too!)

As for the music...

I have a fair collection of Latin American music. I have the pop-y artists like Juanes and Shakira, but I sort of want more old fashion, traditional artists of the countries (I guess the only example I have is that I want Latin American musicians that have the traditional stigma that Buena Vista Social Club has for Cuba, if you catch my drift.)

As for the Middle Eastern music, I just want something that's upbeat and fun. Anything good really... I've been dying to find some but don't even know where to begin!

Thanks a bunch, and sorry for the lengthy post.
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