Sara (slim_ivory_rose) wrote in linguaphiles,


Hello, I'm an intermediate level student of French & Spanish

How do you go about learning vocabulary?
At the moment my grammar is far superior to my vocab knowledge.

I have Collins Easy Learning 'French Words' and 'Spanish Words' books, trying to memorise the words straight out of the books is uninspiring and quite ineffective.

Was using Live Mocha (but even if you pay for the courses they only go up to level 202? I'm not sure if that's right, I couldn't find a higher level. If I'm wrong please let me know!) Grammar wise that's below my level, although might be useful for the vocabulary aspect.

Was thinking maybe I should shell out for Rosetta Stone? (At least I'll be able to use level 3 then, if I am to pay money I want to be able to do all the levels)
Or has anyone used any other CD roms or anything fun to learn vocabulary?

Merci d'avance et Muchas Gracias!

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