Séthe ♥ (sca_sethe) wrote in linguaphiles,
Séthe ♥

On A Whim

I was thinking about compiling a resource book for writers which would include commonly asked for phrases in other languages, but also how to utilize resources and translate for yourself. It would include mini grammar lessons, as well, because I find it challenging to pick up just any dictionary and be sure I know that what I'm looking at would be considered the proper translation. I'm getting a little ambitious because I also wanted to add further information on dialects. I also think some history is in order for at least one of the chapters. As well as linguistics, I think basic cultural background could be useful.... maybe I'm just thinking stereotypes, because this book is starting to sound a bit lengthy. 

If I  were to take on this project, it would take several years because I would like to do a proper job at it. So I need to know

1. Is there already a book like this?
2. Is it possible to write something like this and be accurate enough?
3. Would this lovely community like to offer any useful information or advice?

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