lian (lian_li) wrote in linguaphiles,

[solved]"Membership" in Mandarin & Modern Hebrew

Hey all, I have a teeny request -- for graphics-making purposes, I'd need the word "membership" (or any workable equivalent) in Mandarin, Japanese and Modern Hebrew (no transliteration, in Hebrew/Chinese/appropriate Japanese script.)

I would ask our affiliated translators, but I need it -right now- and I'm not sure I can reach them fast enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thank you very much in advance!

ETA: thanks to akibare and naatz who helped me clarify the request:

"Membership" as in: "static membership in a club" or "The fact of belonging to some group" (as a single, non-declined word, not as part of a sentence)

I apologize for not thinking of this right away!

ETA2: all solved, thank you all for your great help!
Tags: hebrew, howdoyousay, japanese, mandarin

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