Séthe ♥ (sca_sethe) wrote in linguaphiles,
Séthe ♥

Two Interesting Finds

The first is an extremely easy-to-understand (and free) program to writing and using the Hindi alphabet. It guides you in the order of strokes, and also has the audio so you can hear it. I've fallen in love with it.

The second is, well, it's almost a joke, if it wasn't so damn informative:
Youtube Channel: Hot For Words
Do proceed with caution on that one - especially the "bitch slap" video, because it's extremely hard to explain that one.
Despite her, ah, unprofessional appearance, she has a sort of quirk, and it's easy to understand her lessons. Which is why I'm daring to link her on this community - because I am learning a lot from that Marina.
Tags: english, hindi, links

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