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I'm doing a play about Alcestis, though it's rewritten and very comical, and I play Death(As a Russian goth....just for information's sake). The very last line, I'm supposed to be insulting the rest of the cast because they all walked off and left me during what was SUPPOSED to be rehearsal.

So. I'd like to do it in Russian AND Greek. Could you guys tell me how to say the word "Idiot"? As in: "You guys are all idiots[in Greek], do you hear me? Idiots[in Russian]!"(or something equivalent, nothing hugely offensive, I'm doing this for a grade)
Could I get it in both languages please? Transliteration and pronunciation help would be appreciated too, if that's not asking for too much. My familiarity with Cyrillic is slim and I can't say I'm any better in Greek.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: greek, howdoyousay, insults, russian

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