Мария Капшина, Морана, Spielbrecher (viata) wrote in linguaphiles,
Мария Капшина, Морана, Spielbrecher

There's a poem (10 lines) under the cut. Can you please look at it and tell me if you think the author is a native English speaker or not? If not, why so?

The word is worn out, the concept is twisted
I'll brew you some silence and watch you inbreathe it
I'll give you the promise by touching your shoulder
Not urging, just proving the silence I've told you

I'll ask you a question by never controlling
If that is an option, feel free to ignore me
I'd cut off my fingers if they were to tie you
As we are too equal to stop you from flying

No promise worth keeping, no reason for staying
Except for the words that we keep on not saying


UPD: Okay, thank you all once again for answering! Most of you got it right: the author is a non-native speaker. "Inbreathe" is a calque of the Russia "вдыхать" and the meter is common in Russian poetry, as 5x6 have mentioned; and the whole thing was actually an experiment of mine. Hope you enjoyed the discussion as much as I did. :>

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