!*#@%%@ (joho07) wrote in linguaphiles,

Slavic Languages

Hey linguaphiles,

I have a question concerning slavic languages in regards to learning them simultaneously. I am currently learning Russian and am looking into going to Poland for a year abroad (I wanted to go to Russia, but because of my major I don't think this will be possible). I was wondering if any of you have dealt with learning different slavic languages at once. I mean, without being a native speaker of one language (say Russian) but having taken up learning Russian and Polish (for example) from scratch. Is it not confusing sometimes, since the words or grammar is a bit similar? Do you get confused sometimes which word to use, or which (idiomatic) phrase to use? I am just worried that when learning Polish I will be quite confused by my basic Russian skills. Any thoughts? I hope it is somewhat clear what my concern is)

Also, if any of you could recommend any cities in Poland to study in? Or maybe Russia; since I haven't given up all hope yet =)).


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