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Hey guys! I've started teaching English at my church... Problem is, I still really need to learn more about teaching language. I've taken a 12 hour workshop in order to qualify for the other place I volunteer at, but it was focused mostly on teaching people who I don't share a language with and speak many different languages, and 12 hours is nowhere near enough for anything, haha. I did learn about some good activities though; it was overall helpful, just not enough.

So, they all speak Spanish which I'm fairly proficient in, which on some levels is good because I can explain rules and such, but at the same time it encourages translation and it's really tempting to break into instead of pushing forth with English... and they speak so little English at this point that I'm not sure how much I should be using, when I should just give answers and when I should wait, etc. Aaand, how much should I be explaining grammar? Any helpful links or tips for teaching a language to a group with one language in common? Thanks much!

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