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Dan Brown's anagram in different languages

Some time ago, when improving my English, I decided to combine pleasant with useful and read the original 'The da Vinci code' by Dan Brown, especially since I haven't read it before.
As you probably remember, dying Jacques Sauniere wrote on the floor the next text:

O, draconian devil!
Oh, lame saint!

which is an anagram meaning

Leonardo da Vinci!
The Mona Lisa!

When I read this, I became interested, how did translators cope with translations of such places. It's actually not an easy task to compose a sensible anagram from a text at all, and double difficult to make it also carry a necessary allusion to devil worship or pagan cults. That's why I glanced at the translation of the novel into my language (I'm a native Russian speaker) and found out the next anagram:

На вид идола родич! 
О мина зла!

word-by-word translation of which is

On the view of idol relative!
O mine of evil!

Of course, it is a bit less plain than the original anagram, but I doubt if it's possible at all to think out any other anagram for

Леонардо да Винчи!
Мона Лиза!

satisfying the restriction mentioned above. So although the translation of the novel in general is often criticized for being far from perfect (as I got to know later), I think that this very anagram was translated quite successfully.
Now I want to ask other members of the community - how was the anagram translated into your languages? Please give these translations with their word-by-word meaning in English. And how do your think, is the translation successful, or maybe you can suggest something better?:)
Thanks in advance

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