nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in linguaphiles,

can't remember a word, and japanese name stylistics

-I redesigned an accounting spreadsheet at work so that its layout corresponds to that of our cashier printouts. Today my boss commented on needing to get used to it, and how it was ironic since the old version didn't show everything in order. (We write various totals from the printouts on the spreadsheet.) I agreed, then couldn't grasp the word I wanted to use in reference to the new form. It has to do with facilitating a smoother flow, making the task quicker, clearer, and simpler. Definitely something to do with fluidity/flow, possibly a verb.

-Also: Chinese and Korean (I think) Olympic athletes are listed onscreen with the family name first, e.g. Wang B., which makes sense. What confuses me is that the Japanese athletes are listed with the family name second, e.g. M. Tabata, just like the athletes from western countries. I thought Japan's name order was the other way around. Am I wrong, or is there some reason for this?

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