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AmE/BrE lexical research

Dear speakers of AmE/BrE,

I wrote a thesis with the help of the AmE speakers of linguaphiles last year and according to my consultant it is worth publishing. Unfortunately I've got two weeks to do a follow up research so I will need your immediate help. I need BrE speakers to answer the following question, please.

which one of these word pairs do you use? (.e.g life instead of elevator, tap instead of faucet, etc.) If you use both words (e.g. trausers AND pants) interchangeably or in different situations, please indicate that.

1 -lift – elevator
2- tap – faucet
3- flat – apartment
4 - dustbin – trashcan
5- sweets – candy
6- jam – jelly
7- candy floss – cotton candy
8- biscuit – cookie
9- trousers – pants
10- tights – pantyhose
11 -maths – math
12 -cinema – movie theater
13- bill –check
14- queue – line
15-diversion – detour
16 -parking lot – car park
17- stop lights – traffic lights
18-streetcar – tram
19- luggage – baggage
20- timetable – schedule
21- railroad – railway
22- parcel – package
23- maize – corn
24 - cock – rooster
25- motorway - freeway

The following question if for both BrE and AmE speakers.

Do you agree with the following? (please indicate if you believe if any of the statements in your variety is incorrect).

Mad - meaning in AmE 'angry' & 'crazy'. Meaning in BrE 'crazy'.
Sick - meaning in AmE 'generally ‘ill'. Meaning in BrE ‘nausea’.
guess - meaning in AmE ‘reckon’. BrE - does not use the word.
bug - meaning in AmE 'generally ‘all insects’. Meaning in BrE ‘a small insect infesting dirty houses and beds’.
raise - meaning in AmE 'generally to ‘raise children, farm products, animals'. Meaning in BrE ‘elevate’.
druggist - meaning in AmE ‘chemist’. BrE - does not use the word.
baggage - meaning in AmE ‘luggage'. BrE - does not use the word.
apartment - meaning in AmE ‘flat’. Meaning in BrE ‘single room’
quit - meaning in AmE '‘stop’ + ‘leave’. Meaning in BrE ‘leave’

Thank you very much for your help and one more thing.
Could you also please give me these additionial informations:

antecedents/ancestors (e.g French, Italian, etc.)
highest completed level of education
category of occupation (e.g. healthcare, marketing, etc.)
place of birth & place of living
and whether you or your family have moved from one place to another. If yes, please specify.

You can comment here or send me a message with your answers.
Tags: american english, surveys/quizzes

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