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“Quiereme Mucho” translation for my mom

Hi there, everyone! I tried translating this for my mom, who is recently very into Spanish songs, but I’m only about 100% sure that I’m wrong in many, many parts of the transcribing and translating parts to the lyrics of this song. I’m pretty sure it’s Spanish, unless I’m a total language failure, but I don’t know Spanish at all, except for a few words. So, if only someone will be kind enough to help translate this for me or correct my best-shot-at-trying-to translate-this translation for my mom, please allow me to say beforehand that you are greatly appreciated! A big thank you in advance!

Quiereme Mucho | Love me lots

Quiereme Mucho | Love me lots
Dulce amor mío | Sweet love of mine
Que a monte te siempre te adoraré | (That’s) always you, love you
Yo con tus besos | I’m (with) your kisses
Y tus caricias | And your caress
Mis sufrimientos acallaré | (My) sufferings silenced
Cuándo se quiere de versa | When (will we) really love
Cómo te quiero yo a ti | How to love you, me and you
Es imposible mi cielo | (Is impossible), my darling
Tan separados vivir | So (let us part) to live on
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